Simple to use composter for housholds

  1. Odour free composting
  2. No Electricity Required
  3. Corrosion Proof
  4. Easy To Use
  5. No Churning / Cutting / Drying Required
  6. User OrbinTm Composting enzymes for composting
  7. Durable & Portable
  8. Low Cost Composter
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Hassle Free Composter for households & offices

  1. Odour free composting Experience
  2. No Electricity / Power Requirement
  3. Corrosion & Rodent Proof
  4. Aesthetic Design & Ease of use
  5. No Churning / Cutting / Drying Required
  6. Easy to move arround
  7. Low Cost Composter
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Why Compost

Over 50% of the waste generated at our homes is organic in nature! This waste can easily be converted into nutrient rich compost at home, using our proprietary home composter technology that uses zero water & zero electricity! Click here & checkout our line of Economy & Premium Composters

Why compost? When you throw your food waste out, it ends up in open landfill sites, where it rotes and releases on the most potent green houses passes called methane, which is responsible for global warming & a major catalyst in propagating climate change. Image every individual household converting their food waste at home! This would reduce massively the amount of land required to dump waste, pollution due to garbage trucks transporting the waste to landfills & scenes of stray cattle across the streets of our country eating this garbage.

But wait! Thats not all, by managing your kitchen waste at home you are also directly reducing contamination of recyclable waste such as paper, cardboard and plastic! So composting at home also directly increases recycling rates! But out of all the reasons mentioned above, you should compost at home for the future of your children, grandchildren & in the interest of our nations health & wellbeing.