We Buy Your Recyclables! At Eco Wise we believe in the Three R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Our firm believe is that in order to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, we must start with reducing the amount of waste we produce by being more conscious about our buying habits and by limiting the use of paper and plastic products in our daily lives.

The Eco Wise process insures that all recyclables that are collected are first looked at carefully for the purpose of reuse rather than sending them for recycling.

There are many items such as used furniture, clothes, cardboard boxes, and plastic that could be reused rather than sent for recycling.

At Eco Wise we reuse many of these items to make used furniture or sell them to operators of used goods stores. Only those items that are not of use to us are sent to an authorized recycling facility for the purpose of recycling.

We Buy The Following Items:






  Obsolete Assets (Commercials or Privately Owned)

Eco Wise provides all its clients with detailed reports of the amount of waste collected reused or sent for recycling. This makes sure that the company is complying with all legal regulations and also insures that all compliance are met in regards with ISO 14001 certification (Environmental Certification).

For recurring Clients

Eco Wise provides large waste bins (On chargeable Basis) depending on the kind of waste and the quantity of waste. House Keeping staff is taught to dispose waste in these bins, which are then emptied out into Eco Wise trucks once they are full.

One Time pick Up

No quantity is too small or large for us. Just call and schedule a pick up. Our uniformed employees will arrive at your premises and depending on the quantity of waste, will weigh it in front of you or at a government authorized weighing station.

All Payments are made electronically via RTGS to the clients’ account.