Eco Wise Introduces “Secure Product Destruction & Recycling Services”

Eco Wise introduces safe and secure product destruction and recycling service, guaranteeing finite destruction of a wide variety of goods and products from confidential data to out of date products.

Eco Wise an ISO accredited organization and for the first time in the country offers an innovative service to an extensive range of customers including:

  Food and drink manufacturers



  Logistics and distribution companies


  Pharmaceutical companies

  Revenue and Customs

We can process large volumes of material. You can either deliver waste products directly to the site or we can arrange collection and transportation on your behalf. Materials include:

  Wines and beers


  Food waste

  Branded retail product

  Non-hazardous medical products/toiletries

Our clients may have a variety of reasons for seeking safe and secure destruction of their products which includes:

  Product recall

  Inferior quality products

  Passed shelf life product

  Damaged stock

  Incorrectly labelled product

  Outlet for disposal of liquid waste

A totally secure process: Eco Wise secure destruction service includes 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance, which closely monitors all areas of the site. If you wish, you can witness the destruction of your product or we can make a DVD recording for your records. A certificate of destruction will be issued for your further assurance.

Safe, and environmentally sound: Recycling and recovery can help to minimize your environmental impact, while maintaining confidentiality by ensuring the product has been completely destroyed so that it cannot be re-used or sold to the second hand or counterfeit market.

Wherever possible, we will reclaim packaging material including steel, aluminum, glass, cardboard wood and plastic for the purpose of sending it for further recycling.