Orbin Saral Home Composter

  ₹4300/ Inclusive Taxes & Shipping

  Bonus: 2 Free Enzyme Bricks!

  Add Kitchen Waste In Top Container

  Cover With Composting Enzyme

  When Full Interchange Top Container With Empty Container

  Havest Compost From Bottom Container When 3rd Container Gets Full


Odour Free Composting

Durable & Portable

Easy To Use

Your Waste, Your Responsibility!


This is what happens To Your Food Waste, When You Don’t Compost at home! Over 50% of the waste generated from your homes is organic in nature & can be easily treated at home. Eco Wise in collaboration with Orbin is determined to help reduce the amount of waste entering the landfill, where it rots, generates Methane a potent green house gas & pollutes our ground water table. Orbin Proprietary bin technology makes composting at home easy as 1,2,3. Talk is cheap, take action today by treating your food waste at home.

Composting Made Easy As 1,2,3!


No Electricity Or Water Required

No Electricity Or Water Required

High Grade ABS Material Strong Impact Resistance

High Grade ABS Material Strong Impact Resistance

Corrosion Proof

Corrosion Proof

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