Greetings from Eco Wise:

Thank you for taking this monumental step towards keeping our environment clean, by being a part of the “Give me Your Plastic Challenge”. Kindly read the brief below to understand the process:

What all do we accept?

  • Plastic including MLP
  • Paper & cardboard
  • E-Waste (Including large appliances)
  • Metals
  • Old clothes in wearable condition
  • Old shoes in wearable condition
  • Old furniture

Start Segregating your plastic waste.

  1. Insure that you wash all dirty containers to remove impurities so that vermin are not attracted to the containers.
  2. For voluminous items such as PET kindly refer to my video I posted on Instagram showing how you can easily crush the bottle, so that it becomes easy to store, taking little space.
  3. While segregating pay attention to what you can re-use, may be as a container to store food or maybe you can use it to plant something in it. Reusing is a vital part of waste reduction, do reuse where ever possible.
  4. E-commerce packaging waste: Insure that you remove the air and puncture those air pouches that you get these days as part of the packaging of your product (mostly discontinued now). Roll it up and tie them together or put a rubber band around them. This way you store in volume, that is if you are buying from online portals regularly.
  5. Online Food delivery containers: Yes, we will take them, insure that you clean before you dispose of them!
  6. Want to go a step further! Cut the plastic containers and then dispose them off in your recycling clear bag. This will help you save even more space.
  7. You may even give us your MLP waste! This includes wrappers of chocolate, chips, and other such snacks. Kindly ensure that are provided to us in a separate container or cardboard box. The best thing would be to just tie a rubber band around all the MLP and hand it over to our team as it is.
  8. Cardboard Boxes: Kindly flatten all your cardboard boxes before giving it to us. It saves room in our trucks and becomes easier for us to transport. It is also a great way for you to save space at home, as flattening reduces the volume and makes it easy for you to store more.
  9. Used Clothes & Shoes: We take use used clothes and shoes. Kindly ensure that you wash and clean all clothes and shoes prior to giving them to us. Note, we do not accept rags. Only clothes and shoes that can be repaired or are in wearable condition should be handed over to our team.
  10. E-waste: You can give us your E-waste including large appliances such as fridges, old washing machines, TV’s, laptops, phones, wires etc.
  11. Bulk Items: We do accept old furniture. Kindly inform us prior to collection through a WhatsApp message on the number given at the end of this e-mail so that appropriate arrangements can be made in terms of logistics and manpower. Storing your waste:
  12. Store all your plastic recyclables in clear, see through garbage bags or even better in a cardboard box if you have one that is big enough. Storing it in clear bags where the waste is visible to you will not only shock you but also motivate you to keep the process going! Keep it in a place where it is visible and you get to see it, there is no running away from it!

  13. Some of you may have space constraints, follow point number 2, 7 and 8 above.