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Welcome to Eco Wise

We are comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management company, focused on sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, we are proudly making a positive difference to the environment in every aspect of its business. Our activities divert more than 60 tons of waste from ending up in landfill sites daily by serving residential, industrial and commercial clients on a Pan India basis.

Drawing on our resources and experience; we actively pursue projects and initiatives that benefit the waste industry, the communities we serve and the environment.


Pan India Presence

Multiple Locations, Multiple Waste Streams, One Vendor

Transparent & legally compliant

Three-Step Data Authentication Process, Brand Protection, Trusted by leading national and multinational brands


GRI Based Sustainability Reporting – data on reduction of Green House Gas emission, Circular Economy - Closed Loop Recycling Services

Our Services

What we do

Commercial Waste Management

Commercial Waste Management

Eco Wise provides quality collection, recycling and disposal services to both large and small businesses.

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Industrial Waste Management

Industrial Waste Management

Eco Wise provides its services to a range of industries both large, medium and small in size.

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Residential Waste Management

Residential Waste Management

Eco Wise is one of the leading provider of eco-friendly and dependable Door-to-Door collection.

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Document Destruction

Document Destruction

For scheduled paper shredding services, customers receive secure containers free of charge.

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Product Destruction

Product Destruction

Eco Wise introduces safe and secure product destruction and recycling service.

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Purchase of Scrap

Purchase of Scrap

We Buy Your Recyclables! At Eco Wise we believe in the Three R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We provide following services to our clients across India:
    • Industrial and Commercial Waste and Garbage Collection
    • Purchase of Scrap o Product Destruction
    • Paper Shredding of Confidential documents
    We work to make a positive difference to the environment in every aspect of our business. The total waste collected is taken to our ‘Waste Treatment Site’ and is so organic and inorganic waste. The organic waste is converted into high The inorganic waste or the recyclable material is taken to a separate site where it is packaged and sold off to the recycler. The inert waste which cannot be recycled is transported and dumped at a government Authority Landfill site. Eco Wise takes care that the waste that goes into the landfill site comprises materials that has no other possible use and cannot be recycled or d Such type of waste is less than 10% of the total. In future, we are working to achieve zero wastes going into landfill.
    We collect the waste daily (365 days) from Commercial and Industrial areas. The service is customizable for our clients depending on their requirements.
    Plastics- PET bottles, PP (Polypropylene), LD (Low Density Polypropylene Density Polypropylene).
    Metals- Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold, Nickel, Iron, Cadmium, Lead, Steel etc.
    Others- Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Rubber, Glass, Hair, CDs, X cards, Styrofoam, Batteries, Computers and other e-waste.
    We conduct a site appraisal to find out your requirements after which we provide you with best solution customized for you. Our clients are an integral part of this process as they inform us of the challenges faced and their requirements. Our final propose is based upon taking all your considerations into account. After the evaluation and proposal stage, Eco Wise provides its quotes to the client based on which annual contract signed.
    Yes, our labor or ‘Health Officers’, as we like to call them, are fully trained to collect, sort and segregate your waste and provide you with utmost convenience and comfort. They follow all safety and health measures. You can put a smile on their faces by segregating the waste at your commercial and industrial places into wet and dry.
    The waste is collected using different size of trucks depending on the quantity and quality of the scrap to be collected. We have facilities to deal with all quantities and qualities of waste.
    Yes, our employees have proper Government approved I.D. cards and prior police verification done.
    1. Contact us on our Email Id – [email protected]
    2. Phone nos. – 78129-39393
    3. Visit our Website and fill the contact us form
    4. Give us a visit honour
    Address:   Ecowise Trading Pvt. Ltd.
    Plot 14 F, Udyog Kendra Mahila,
    Udyami Park, Greater Noida,
    Gautam Bhudh Nagar
    Yes, request for Waste Management and Recycling is important to us.
    The client needs to sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement to avail this information.


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