The Fashion Industry is the second largest polluters in the world behind the oil & gas industry! 13 Million Tons, generated in the US alone thats 200 T-shirts per Person! 85% percent of all garments disposed off each year end up in the landfill, about 15% find their way to thrift stores. An Average house holds purchase of clothes in a year uses 1000 bath tubs of water to produce!

There are some like @H&M & Levi Strauss & Co. that are doing their part to rectify this huge challenge by utilising materials that decompose or that that are made of recycled products but much more needs to be done

Amit Karla in a recent TED Talk outlined the following points that should be implemented by large and small fashion houses:

1) Start Designing clothes in a modular way, so that they are easily dismantled at the end of their life cycle

2) Start designing clothes that are compostable at the end of their life cycle 

3) By in creasing the life cycle of our clothes by just 9 months we help reduce the water and waste impact by 20%-30% 

4) Think about how we dye our clothes! 10%-20% of harsh chemical dye end up in water bodies. Could the answer be natural dyes made of plants? The answer is yes! 

So the next time you decide to throw away that three month old T-shit, think about first giving it away or may be wearing it a bit longer.. The next time you go out shopping for clothes, read the label to see what material it is made off! 

Consciousness is Contagious When Spread With a Great Purpose!

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