• Patni has been taking services of EcoWise Waste Management from September 2008 and we are very satisfied with them .The best part about EcoWise is that they employee 100% eco-friendly practices while dealing with scrap and other daily waste. With the realization within the IT industry to employ Green technologies be it electronic waste, scrap and daily wastage companies like Ecowise play a critical role in ensuring that government and global standards are met and the ecological balance is efficiently maintained. 
      Sanjiv Kapur
      SVP and Global Head- BPO & CIS
      Patni Computer Systems Ltd.


    • EcoWise has been collecting waste from our organization for the last few years. They are the professional and credible waste management company in the NCR region base in Noida. Their process includes collection, segregation and transportation of wastes to the Recycling plant. I highly recommend them to any organization or housing group looking for waste management services. 
      N.D. Sapolia
      GM, Centerstage Mall


  • EcoWise is a private company engaged in waste management services in the NCR. EcoWise is providing yeoman’s services to the Noidaites. It has pioneered the expertise of converting the garbage into vermicompost and hygienically segregating the other waste material. Their unstinted efforts of making the environment clean and hygienically safe are indeed laudable. EcoWise has been associated with Eldeco for over four years and we appreciate the good work being done and wish them great success in their endeavour to improve the environment and promote greening of the area. 
    Rakesh Sant
    Wg Cdr (Retd)
    Consultant Estate Management