Q.1 What services do you provide?

    . Waste Management Services

  • Residential – Door to Door Collection, Educational Campaigns
  • Industrial – Purchase of Scrap, Go Green initiatives
  • Commercial – Waste Collection, Green Events
Q.2 What do you do with the waste you collect?

      . We work to make a positive difference to the environment in every aspect of our business. The total waste collected is taken to our
      ‘Waste Treatment Site’ and is sorted into organic and inorganic waste.

The organic waste is converted into high-quality compost for agricultural and domestic use. Further, we have plans to covert waste into energy with our upcoming biogas plant.

The inorganic waste or the recyclable material is taken to a separate site where it is packaged and sold off to the recycler.

The inert waste which cannot be recycled is transported and dumped at the Noida Authority Landfill site. EcoWise takes care that the waste that goes into the landfill site comprises materials that has no other possible use and cannot be recycled or decomposed. Such type of waste is less than 10% of the total. In future, we are working to achieve zero wastes going into landfill.

Q3. How often do you collect?

    We collect the waste daily (365 days) from residential areas. The service is customizable for our clients depending on their requirements.
Q4. What can be recycled?

      Plastics – PET bottles, PP (Polypropelene), LD (Low Density Polypropelene), HD (High Density Polypropelene)
      Metals – Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold, Nickel, Iron, Cadmium, Lead, Steel etc.
    Others – Paper, Cardboard, Rubber, Glass, Hair, CDs, X-rays, Beer Bottles, SIM cards, Styrofoam, Batteries, Computers and other e-waste.
Q5. What is your process?

    We make Annual Contracts with our clients. Our service depends on the client’s needs.
Q6. Are your employees going to be trained?

    Yes, our labour or ‘Health Officers’, as we like to call them, are fully trained to collect, sort and segregate your waste and provide you with utmost convenience and comfort. They follow all safety and health measures. You can put a smile on their faces by segregating the waste in your house into wet and dry.
Q7. How will you collect the waste?

    The waste is collected Door-to-Door on manual rickshaws (100% environment–friendly) and mini trucks. We have facilities to deal with all quantities of waste.
Q8. Is there any Identification/Police Verification of the employees?

    Yes, our employees have proper I.D. cards and prior police verification done.
Q9. How are you different from my local waste collector/kabarivallah?

      We are very different from the local waste collector as we have proper procedures to process the waste by converting it into rich manure and bio-energy, with the recyclables undergoing further processing. Our idea is to avoid dumping, instead using the waste as a resource. Our processes are environment-friendly and do not produce any stink.

Whereas the local waste collector just takes out the useful or valuable items and either dumps the rest in open or burns it as convenient Hence, Land Pollution.

Dumping is harmful as it attracts vermin and diseases and gives out a lot of stink. Burning is also unhealthy as it releases harmful gases in the air. Hence, Air Pollution.

On top of all this, the harmful residue from the waste seeps into the soil with water and reaches the underground water-table. Hence, Water Pollution.

Q10. What benefits do I get?

    You get the following benefits:

    • You as our customer get rid of your waste in the most convenient manner, along with contributing to a sustainable environment.
    • For Industrial and Commercial entities, we do free promotion of your commitment to a greener world through our wide online and physical presence.
    • We help your Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropic needs.
    • We also help entities achieve ISO 14001 certifications by providing you with eco-friendly solutions to deal with waste.
    • We help you reduce your Carbon footprint and Green House Gas emissions thus, you gaining carbon credits.
    • Most importantly, you get cleaner and greener cities to live in.